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eFitnessTracker Announces Enterprise Solutions for the Fitness Industry
Philadelphia, PA - February 12, 2007

CBT Technologies is pleased to announce the recent release of its eFitnessTracker Enterprise Account. The eFitnessTracker Enterprise Account is a complete, easy to use online application that enables users with diverse backgrounds and fitness levels to create and track a customized fitness and diet program that meets their specific goals and objectives. Moreover, it empowers your business with cutting edge tools to market products and services to a captive audience interested in health and wellness.

The eFitnessTracker System provides your business with full control over what features your members have available to them. With UNLIMITED trainer accounts, your trainers and wellness coaches can login to expand their services and revenues.

New Features available with the Enterprise Account:

eFitnessTracker provides you with the ability to plug in your own advertising to promote products and generate revenue.

After you find traffic to your website, you are only part of the way there. The next step is to engage the visitor to take an action and the top priority must be to collect their information. Not everyone is ready to buy on the first look. Sometimes it takes 10-11 touches to the potential customer before a decision to buy happens. We provide an easy and informative lead capture tool in the form of a Fitness Analysis. By answering some basic questions, a visitor to your site can receive calculated results and recommendations on their Personal Fitness Profile. At that point the visitor has converted into a potential customer. Now the company can create customized content to distribute to the potential customer periodically in a newsletter format to create the necessary touches so that the potential customer feels comfortable enough to become a customer.

eFitnessTracker provides your company with an eCommerce Solution that works right out of the box. Our cooperation with Paypal allows for instant payment and administration with a proven partner. Products and services are easily setup and your business receives instant notification when a purchase is made. In addition, members are setup immediately in the system at time of purchase. There is no further administration required.

An example template of an Enterprise Account can be seen at

About eFitnessTracker eFitnessTracker is an innovative new business solutions product available to fitness professionals. It provides you with the tools you need at an affordable price and in a flexible environment. eFitnessTracker is a monthly subscription based program with flexible levels of membership available. Clients can choose which level works best for their business needs. Learn more about eFitnessTracker at