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eFitnessTracker Expands to Offer Fitness Leads Through Growing Fitness Lead Network
Philadelphia, PA - November 17, 2008

CBT Technologies is pleased to announce the recent addition to eFitnessTracker that now offers Fitness Leads matched to Fitness Professionals.

The new addition plugs in to which is an online personal trainer match service that helps individuals to locate and hire a personal fitness trainer right in their local area.

"We focus on helping you find the perfect trainer/client connection when it comes to providing the personal training services you want, the location you desire to train, and the complete dedication needed by our personal trainers in helping you reach and exceed your personal fitness and health related goals." said Julie Latterner, Vice-President of Marketing at "We make sure that our leads are quality leads that are a good fit and have the potential of a long lasting trainer/client relationship."

The Lead Network system provides:

  • Complete lead management module where fitness professionals can also add their own leads. To each lead you can add history details of actions performed such as sending an email, calling, meeting, etc.
  • Sales numbers recorder - keep track of monthly sales
  • Reminder module - setup reminders about upcoming appointments, phone calls, etc.

Read more at to learn more about how our system works for Personal Trainers...

About eFitnessTracker
eFitnessTracker is an innovative new business solutions product available to fitness professionals. It provides you with the tools you need at an affordable price and in a flexible environment. With eFitnessTracker, the ultimate new service for the fitness industry, you can set up your own private-branded, eFitnessTracker Powered Web site to help advance your business to the next level. eFitnessTracker is a monthly subscription based program with flexible levels of membership available. Clients can choose which level works best for their business needs. Learn more about eFitnessTracker at