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eFitnessTracker Releases Fitness Rewards to the Public
Philadelphia, PA - November 13, 2007, a leading fitness and nutrition Internet portal provider, has released their new Fitness Rewards concept to the public. The module is an add on to Enterprise Accounts and allows to create monthly Fitness Challenges and Fitness Rewards. By using the website, interacting with the Online fitness community, and by just getting healthy, members accrue points towards a monthly total and compete against other members on the website. The winners are rewarded with gifts, incentives, and cash prizes at the end of the month which is determined by the owner and operator of the site.

"It's a great way to give a person incentive to get healthy," said Robert Adams, Vice-President of Sales. Adams, who has been a trainer for over 5 years, has seen the difficulties that regular people have in sticking to their programs. "Let's face it; getting in shape is hard work, and life often gets in the way. People need to be pulled along sometimes, and what better way to do that than to offer a competition that rewards their efforts?"

"Our main goal is to help the public with the ever-growing dangers of obesity and poor lifestyle choices," said Robert Krzyspiak, Co-Founder of "If we can make a difference by giving someone the extra little push they need to reach their optimum health, then the concept is a success."

In development for over a year, the Fitness Rewards model was awaiting the launch of a new Online Fitness Community, which includes member blogs and community groups. Krzyspiak said, "We want a total user experience that offers people more than just exercise information or workout tracking. We want live people sharing their exercise struggles and triumphs so that others in our Communities can say, 'Wow, that person is real, not a super model or an elite athlete.' We want Communities where all sorts of people can interact and share their experience, from soccer moms to the corporate road warrior. Nothing brings people together like a struggle; their own, or that of someone else. Our customized fitness websites offer a total package, including powerful tools to further the health and fitness of individuals and communities."

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