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eFitnessTracker Adds New Suspension Training TRX Videos
Philadelphia, PA - January 1, 2016

CBT Technologies has added over 100 new exercises with videos for Suspension Training and TRX.

Born in the Navy SEALs, Suspension Training bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.

More and more trainers are using Suspension Training and TRX to help their clients, and eFitnessTracker provides exercises in its over 1000 exercise database to help that effort.

About eFitnessTracker
eFitnessTracker is an innovative new business solutions product available to fitness professionals. It provides you with the tools you need at an affordable price and in a flexible environment. With eFitnessTracker, the ultimate new service for the fitness industry, you can set up your own private-branded, eFitnessTracker Powered Web site to help advance your business to the next level. eFitnessTracker is a monthly subscription based program with flexible levels of membership available. Clients can choose which level works best for their business needs. Learn more about eFitnessTracker at