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eFitnessTracker Offers Online Event Registration Feature for Boot Camps, Seminars, and More
Philadelphia, PA - March 28, 2009

CBT Technologies is pleased to announce the recent feature addition to eFitnessTracker that now offers Online Event Registration for Boot Camps, Seminars, and more.

Now clients can register for any events your business offers right through your site. You will receive an email copy of all registrations, and if you are signed up to the Lead Network, all registrations will be recorded as leads in your Network Profile. To modify Event Registration content, members can select the Event Registration menu from the My Website Content Page in the Admin area and click Edit Content. To add Event Registration options to your Event Registration page so users can pay for them through your site, add new items (set to Display In: Event Registration Page) within the Products & Services page from the Admin area.

Check out a live example on a demo site:

You can also setup event information in your Events Calendar and provide details on availability, pricing or anything else. See an example at:

eFitnessTracker offers great tools to get you started in setting up Boot Camps, Seminars, etc. and to help you make the most of this revenue building training option.

About eFitnessTracker
eFitnessTracker is an innovative new business solutions product available to fitness professionals. It provides you with the tools you need at an affordable price and in a flexible environment. With eFitnessTracker, the ultimate new service for the fitness industry, you can set up your own private-branded, eFitnessTracker Powered Web site to help advance your business to the next level. eFitnessTracker is a monthly subscription based program with flexible levels of membership available. Clients can choose which level works best for their business needs. Learn more about eFitnessTracker at