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eFitnessTracker Delivers Revolutionary Solutions for Fitness Professionals & Health Clubs
Philadelphia, PA - November 21, 2005

CBT Technologies is pleased to announce the third updated release of eFitnessTracker. eFitnessTracker was designed for fitness professionals and health club owners who were searching for a new way to take their business to the next level. eFitnessTracker is a revolutionary product solution that provides the fitness professional with the ability to personalize and customize their services to an unlimited number of clients.

Features available with eFitnessTracker:

Trainers can easily track and manage client profiles, schedule workout sessions, run progress reports, and deliver concrete results to their clients. eFitnessTracker also provides the fitness professional with exclusive access to special report features such as trainer schedules, upcoming client workouts, client billing, and various business templates including liability and waiver forms.

Clients can easily set up their user accounts to include general information about their basic measurements, daily activity level, and exercise goals. With this information in hand, fitness professionals can analyze a clientÂ’s current fitness level to create a customized roadmap for achieving their fitness goals.

Trainers are able to track their client's progress through the various measurements and test results offered. Along with body composition measurements such as weight and body fat percentage, health related measurements such as cholesterol, blood pressure, strength, cardio, and flexibility tests are also provided. eFitnessTracker also allows trainers the ability to design and track their own custom measurements.

Fitness professionals can easily set up and copy custom routines directly into their client's profile. eFitnessTracker provides trainers and their clients with a library of over 1000 image-enhanced exercises and activities to choose from. If you can not find a particular exercise in the library, eFitnessTracker allows you to create and add your own to any workout plan.

eFitnessTracker provides users with a database of over 7000 foods. Clients can easily record and track their daily food intake or create their own meal plan which can be saved to "My Favorites" for future reference.

eFitnessTracker is an online based program which allows both the fitness professional and their clients to access it from any computer with an internet connection. Additionally, the program has been designed to connect with a mobile device. Now, on-the-move trainers can access client schedules and workouts on the go for easier review and tracking.

About eFitnessTracker
eFitnessTracker is an innovative new business solutions product available to fitness professionals. It provides you with the tools you need at an affordable price and in a flexible environment. eFitnessTracker is a monthly subscription based program with three levels of membership available. Clients can choose which level works best for their business needs. Learn more about eFitnessTracker at